Our sailors friends

To meet other sailors is one of the major present of our voyage.

Here after some memory collected since our departure.

Gabago Prelude
What a nice family .

Gabrielle 14, Hugo 11 and Arthur 9, with there parents Sophie and François from Lyon are all sailing on Gabago.
We meet them in Siracusa and then in Valetta where we draw and scrapbook together.

Dan and Jean Loup on Prélude.

Dan and Jean Loup are sailing with us during the all month of May 2009, from Ithea in Greece, 'till Valetta.
We visit together a lot of nice premises such as Trizonia, Levkas, Preveza, Albania, St Maria di Leuca, Le Castella and in Sicila : Aci Trezza, Catane.

Pacific High Tipalou
Nalan and Ahmet form Canakkale in the Dardanelle. Isabelle and Jacques, French on Tipalou.
Cormoran Iskas
Marina, Jordi and Ninna the dog, on Cormoran from Barcelonna. Marie-Jo and Rémy on Iskas from France.

Raconteur Lumiel
Lindy and David from Auckland New Zealand. Lumiel from Lyon in France, with Stéphane, Mary plus their kids Lubnà, Mia and Elie.

Bebop Hand Basket
Be Bop with Jean-Louis and Louis from North France. Hand Basket from New York City, with Cathy and Jim.

Amarante Sirius
Amarante, friends of Balata with Catherine and Patrice from France. Sirius with Lise and Christopher from London.

Balata Ellen
Balata, with Catherine and Alain from Martinica. Ellen, with Véronique and Claude from Corsica.

Orca Trilogy
Orca with Morten, Jessie and their children Lisa and Kristian, from Danemark. Trilogy with Trish and Ralph from Wales.

Rainbow Dreamer
Rainbow Dreamer with Will, the CGWR Scottish responsible.

Windsong Sojourner
Windsong with Pam and Noël from the UK. Sojourner Joyce and Allen from New-Zealand.

Neige Temptress
Neige with Julien from Britany. Temptress with David from Falmouth Cornwall.