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Our first sketch workshop onboard of Aquarellia is over.
Some souvenirs here in this small animation

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Sketching onboard
Copies of this sketchbook are already available.
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Jannik and Michel - La Maison des Voyageurs - F83136 Rocbaron
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Come to sketch with us:
Sailing and drawing
Come to learn how we can draw and sail in the same time, on board of Aquarellia

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Concert and dance in Provence
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Lot of videos
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Jannik and Michel last sketches


A watercolor of your boat
An original gift




The main sailing period is now off. Actually we had completed our fifth and last wintering in Carry-le-Rouet into this so nice Provencal region.
After five years of navigation Aquarellia is sailing in the south, sharing sketching workshops on board.

Ofcourse, we will not stop sailing but after the accomplishment of our last dream we need another one.

So, we buy an old stone house in the middle of an old village, here in Rocbaron, south France. We are ready to build a new project, a new dream.

Have a look at « Maison des Voyageurs ».
This world is begining too controled and too rational, we would like to reenchant it.

Some sketches from South to North ...